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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Freedomain Radio - How it works

Publicly, Freedomain Radio (FDR) is a site devoted to philosophy and libertarian thought. In reality, it is where Stefan Molyneux trades on the destruction of families. Now it is very easy to wonder how this could happen in a regular happy family. How can a guy who pod casts about freedom be able to lure college age kids away from their parents? If you have the belief, it is understandable. I had that belief. Other parents have had the belief. All are wondering how this could have happened to them. The amazing thing is how Molyneux actually makes money at this. Here is how he does it. He mainly wants the kids at his site. He starts by persuading young people to believe that that the normal anxieties and complaints of life can be attributed to their abusive parents. He does this on several levels. First via posts, chat rooms and obliging FDR members who engage the new visitors then stick with them over the course of time and encourage the abandonment. He does the most damaging work during public call in radio shows. These are unlicensed therapy sessions. Here he engages in an orgy of projection of his own issues and breathtaking manipulation. It is during these truly sad sessions when he picks out some routine complaint and in a manner that would make Barbra Walters proud, he gets the poor caller to a state of sadness and vulnerability. Everyone has some sort of issue that can be exploited. Even if he can't find an issue, he confabulates one. 'Your father dominated you and destroyed your self esteem, your mother ignored you and witheld affection, they were abusive to you by insisting you behave in public, you were never allowed to feel true happiness.' For someone like Molyneux (actually for most people), finding and exploiting an area of vulnerability is like shooting fish in a barrel. Eventually something sticks. eventually something creates the emotional reaction that puts the caller in a state of acceptance of Molyneux's main message. That message is always the same. Your parents were abusive and your best chance to find true freedom is to abruptly abandon your family. This is consistent with Molyneux's own sad childhood experience. Like all cult leaders, Molyneux is a complete narcissist. He likely believes that others need to mirror his experience to find their own freedom. He rarely comes right out and says it (though there are documented times when he has). Unbelievably, there are many (too many) who are at the right young adult age to be receptive to this sort of idea. "Why not. Let me be free. I'll do it!!"

When they do, this sudden event is traumatic for all concerned. The victim did not realize how much this loss would affect them. They have “voluntarily” abandoned the love and support of their family. There is a huge emotional vacuum.

Molyneux is poised to fill that void....for a fee. This is how he makes his money.

He gets locked in contributors who think they have no where else to go. They find themselves increasingly 'comfortable' in the FDR community. Other relationships are broken off. Now this is classic cult activity. But who cares what it is called. It is plainly horrible. Naturally Molyneux notes that adult relationships (including family relationships) are voluntary. He uses this axiom to wash his hands of any culpability. I contend that unsuspecting victims should be warned before they enter his dark web site or engage his programmed greeters in the chat rooms. Those that are members need a place to go to get some perspective before they are carried too deeply into the isolated FDR community. This is not the first site on this subject. It is just another place where his potential and current victims may be warned or find perspective.


  1. Stefan's wife is a therapist. Here's a link to her site. Can you imagine taking your child to see her and finding out later that she has a bias against families?

    Her bio on the site:
    Clinical Director

    Christina Papadopoulos is a registered member of the College of Psychologist of Ontario, with over 15 years of clinical experience. She holds an honours undergraduate degree in psychology from McMaster University, and completed her graduate studies at the University of Toronto, Institute of Child Study, in psychological assessment and counselling. She has worked in both hospital and private practice settings, treating adults, adolescents and children with a wide variety of psychological and emotional problems.

    The service list from the site:
    Service List

    We offer effective psychotherapy for:

    Our services include treatment for:

    Anxiety disorders, including generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks and phobias
    Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
    Depression, dysthimia, bi-polar disorder
    Personality disorders
    Stress and adjustment disorders
    Family / marital problems
    Infertility issues
    Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) victims; and
    Clients in crisis situations.
    Additionally, we provide a full range of psychological testing services, such as:

    Emotional / personality assessments
    Intellectual / cognitive assessments
    Psychoeducational assessments
    Return to Work / WSIB assessments
    Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) assessments
    Written reports; and,
    Verbal consultations and feedback.

    1. I have to question the quality of therapy one would get from a 'jack of all trades'.

  2. Don't let Molyneux's slippery language fool you. They love their academic titles, so if Christina had gotten a Master's Degree, her bio surely would have specifically said so.

    Her actual academic credentials are "Christina Papadopoulos, Dip. C.S."

    That means after she got her Bachelor's Degree, she did one additional year of child studies in a school primarily developed for educators, for which she got a diploma. She did not perform the work actually required for a Master's Degree in anything, let alone psychology, (which I believe is absolutely mandatory for practicing US therapists) and therefore did not receive one.

    I'm not certain if the University of Toronto still offers a Dip. C.S. It appears that they now have eliminated it altogether in favor of the standard 2-year M.Sc. degree.

    Long-winded explanation, but the short end of the story is that some Canadian families seeking help are unwittingly staking the future of their relationships on a woman who has only a Bachelor's degree, can't resolve her issues with her own parents, and not only embraces her husband's preaching that families are inherently evil, but also looks to him as the leading authority on Psychology--at least in the Molyneux home.

    Good luck with all that!

  3. Thank you for pointing all this out.

    Moly's pseudo-psychological blabbering creates more danger and confusion than it actually solves problems in life!

    I don't trust this false messiah and he mainly does good for himself and his obviously blown-up ego.

    Thanks for this blog, good idea!

  4. Thank you for posting this message. I started listening to Stefan Molyneux because I believed I was gaining insight into human behavior but more importantly, the feeling of relief because he seemed to have explanations which applied to my own childhood. I have noticed several instances during his radio "sessions" that while listening to a caller's personal dilemma, his approach to "counseling" is overtly centered around HIS OWN past experiences. During these instances he rarely backs up his advice with any factual, research-based data. It's all a game of logic. Anyways, I do acknowledge his vast knowledge on philosophy and this is probably the only reason why I continue listening to his podcasts. He comes off as a well-meaning guy. He is not charismatic. He doesn't demand money or threaten to cancel his show for lack of donations. I've listened to more dangerously dogmatic talk-show host with thousands of listeners. I do occasionally tune into their shows because I believe that knowing about these individuals and the their followers is very important! You never know if someone you care about is an in-the-closet fanatic who blindly believes the energy vampires with a microphone.

    Thanks again.