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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Molyneux Revealed

Stefan Molyneux and his freedomainradio FDR site have done a great deal of damage to families throughout the world. He creates untold suffering and pain for profit. Naturally he does not promote this aspect of his operation. Unsuspecting victims should be warned before they enter his dark web site. And those that are members should have a place to go to get some perspective as they are carried deeper into the isolated FDR community. That is why I have started this blog.
There is so much material that discloses who he really is, I needed a place to publish the material and make easily available to any and all interested parties.
For starters: He claims that he does not perform therapy. He says, I am just a podcaster. I don't think that is true. I think the facts and evidence strongly show the exact opposite. He actively and successfully performs therapeutic sessions with callers in public. He does this in order to persuade kids to leave their families or more often to cement their decision. In either case, he actively and effectively persuades them that their parents were evil.
He says he does not aggressively promote donations or that donations do not define levels of access to him. I don't think that is true. I think the facts and evidence strongly show the exact opposite. His only form of income is from donations to his site. He has to maintain this revenue. If he gets a kid to leave their family of origin (the FOO), they are more likely to join and consistently donate to FDR.
He says he always recommends open communications and therapy when someone is considering an abandonment of their family. I don't think that is true. I think the facts and evidence strongly show the exact opposite. I am pretty sure Molyneux invented the term deFOO. Which means departing your family of origin. The term is cute sounding but it is anything but. Young adults have been leaving their parents in anger since the family unit began. Usually it is after many attempts to communicate or at the end of a trail of dysfunction. A deFOO is different. It can and does affect the most successful loving families. It is sudden and without warning. And the most sacred rule is that when you do it, there is to be absolutely no further contact with the family under any circumstances. You need to change cell phone numbers, move away, etc. You must isolate yourself. Of course Molyneux and FDR are poised to fill the new vacuum of lost love and support structure...for a fee.
I will be posting along the way. In the mean time, if you have any thoughts or comments feel free to join in.


  1. I have had some negative experiences on the FDR website. For some reason, I am no longer able to join the website as a member. Do you have any inside information about how he bans people? Does he do it by IP address, email, what? Also, any idea what the criteria is?

    I tried to ask his moderator James P why I was unable to make a user account and he booted me out of the chatroom where I was logged on as a guest before I could even ask my question.

    Stef preaches about how we should question authority.... and then has his minions boot anyone who does just that.

    I sent an email through his 'feedback' area and have gotten no response so far.

  2. Don't feel badly. You are not alone. FDR only tolerates dissent for a very brief period of time. If the arguments become to compelling or hit too close to home, you are banned. Seems in your case, the fuse was pretty short. was originated by someone who was banned from FDR.
    Here is a link that more or less, summarizes several people who have been 'banned' from FDR and what caused the banning. Certainly not comprehensive, but it puts the lie to Moly's ongoing claim that he has only banned a 'handful' of people over the years and only for deeply egregious actions. It seems you have experienced the much more typical approach to being banned.,-79.453125&spn=131.156957,320.625&z=1