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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Never mind

Looks like Moly has not changed. I got another anomymous post from a parent who is on the verge of suffering a defoo as a result of Moly's personal intervention. I get a lot of those. The good thing is that the parents have some warning as to what is going on with their sons and daughters. They have a chance to make a difference and undo the damage Moly is doing to their kids before they get slammed with a completely unexpected and devastating defoo. The good news is that many succeed.

I have a theory. If anyone has more empirical evidence to support it or refute it, please let me know. In my last post, I thought Moly might have been changing because he gave seemingly reasonable advice to a chat room high schooler. But I have just heard that once again that in private, Moly is promoting a family break up. My theory is that Moly notes the member's age. If the FDR member is old enough he goes for the kill. If still in high school, he gives out the good advice. This is a good plan for him. If the kids are too young, he could scare up some serious trouble for himself and his accomplice wife. I also suppose kids that young are not good donator material.

This site has been up for a while. Based on the posts I am getting, I am sure it is saving some families. If we can keep up the good work, Moly may have to go back to work and make and honest living.

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