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Sunday, June 20, 2010

It isn't about free will or parent/child dynamics

This site is NOT about parent child relationships. Even in the 'healthiest and loving families, the dynamics will have problems and big issues. I have pointed out several times, that individuals have been breaking with their families since families began. Anyone is free to make their own decisions on whether or not to continue a relationship.  This site is NOT about parental mistakes, self discovery, or the value of therapy. The issue is not the deep complexities of how a child needs to recover from the damage done to them by their parents. I love and admire my mother and father (deceased). But I can remember affronts to my poor child psyche. Anyone can.

The issue is that the Moly and Christina make a living by trolling for candidates with the express purpose of prying them loose from their families. If anyone doubts this truth, please visit

Moly and his wife occasionally find someone at a vulnerable stage of their life who buys into their absurd beliefs about family. When he does, FDR has another reliable monthly donor. So for the average mind numbed Molypod, please try to process this. Pay attention now...Here it comes..... It isn't about free will or the merits of communications or therapy. It is about the truly despicable business that Molyneux and his wife run.  It is about the fact that their business objective is to break up a family if they can.  If anyone wants to defend FDR on that basis, please make your case. 

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  1. I have just come across this site. Our son cut all ties with us about 8 weeks ago after having recommended Molyneux's book for us to read. I am uterly devastated - Do you have any advice?