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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Whoops - Moly didn't invent the DRO

Thanks to for helping me discover a mistake. Moly fooled me to. I thought he invented the DRO as a concept. He didn't. Murray Rothbard did. I have discovered (again from the fdrliberated site) that almost all of his pscho and philosophy inventions are taken from others and re branded without approbation.

I enjoy philosophy but I am not immersed in it. Unfortunately his followers think they are engaged with a true philosopher. They are actually engaged with someone who stands in front of a camera in his basement and spouts off on other peoples ideas that he represents as his own.

Now this is a guy who modestly claims to have written the definitive book on ethics. That's right. Ethics. It is actually deeply pathetic. If he didn't do so much damage, Moly would be eligible for some sympathy.

Anyway, if you are a person who likes facts you should visit fdrliberated. Here is a copy/paste from that site on DRO's.

The first and most obvious is Molyneux’s DRO concept, a rebranded/re-named version of the PDA (combined with a whole lot of Rothbard’s thinking). He may have offered some unique variations to the original idea but Molyneux treats the DRO as if were an entirely new concept that sprang solely from his head (“I realized, when I got the DRO thing, I knew that was some pretty good shit.”) Did Molyneux make sure his followers knew he was standing on the shoulders of giants as he “borrowed” their ideas? I don’t think so.

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