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I thought you state...So you are not an objectivist? I thought you stated in your other posts that you would study objectivism with your son. Now you are saying you that Atheism is faith based. Anonymousnoreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-7515274855900925482.post-65510559808418732542013-10-07T22:36:15.077-04:002013-10-07T22:36:15.077-04:00This was interesting. This is the first &quot;expo...This was interesting. This is the first &quot;expose&quot; of him that I have read so to speak, so it was helpful. I recently discovered Stefan Molyneux, and have found his ideas interesting and engaging. I have even donated to FDR, and haven&#39;t felt bad about it in any way. I have been in the process of getting ready to tell my parents and family some of my changed beliefs. I have researched independently the religion I was raised in and really wish i could say it was true, but don&#39;t know if I can. However if I could in some way validate its truth, I would in no way abandon it, it has been my everything. I plan on telling my parents that I am not a member of the faith, which of course will likely damage our relationship, my political views may also contribute to this as well. However, I would never stop loving or appreciating my parents and what they have done for me. I could see myself not being quite as loved or appreciated, but that won&#39;t change what truth is. I have been suicidal and depressed at times throughout my life, but I do feel that Stefan Molyneux&#39;s ideas have helped me to escape to large extent these feelings, and helped me to see a path of virtue and purpose in my life, so I have felt his discovery for me has been largely positive.<br />I do, however, appreciate the view expressed here by the author, and this website. I will consider them carefully as I continue to learn from Molyneux and others in my quest for truth. A.Geehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/01316755132464823059noreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-7515274855900925482.post-83022195690173069742013-09-29T02:20:35.430-04:002013-09-29T02:20:35.430-04:00This is truly sad. There is no reason to waste lif...This is truly sad. There is no reason to waste life like this. I hope truth will prevail in all of this. There is nothing more i hate than false prophecies. :)Anonymousnoreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-7515274855900925482.post-76685066833440282422013-01-29T02:09:35.234-05:002013-01-29T02:09:35.234-05:00Someone commented on a facebook page that criticiz...Someone commented on a facebook page that criticizes Stef that 5 deaths have resulted from deFOOs prompted by Stef &amp; FDR. Can anyone confirm this?Lisahttp://www.blogger.com/profile/15466291958202777395noreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-7515274855900925482.post-59590559034106222072013-01-06T20:45:43.383-05:002013-01-06T20:45:43.383-05:00The people who defoo are not &#39;children&#39;.The people who defoo are not &#39;children&#39;.Anonymousnoreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-7515274855900925482.post-41688306912368725142012-12-28T03:34:52.629-05:002012-12-28T03:34:52.629-05:00What a terrible story. My deepest sympathies to th...What a terrible story. My deepest sympathies to the family, and to all of you who have been deFOO&#39;d. I researched this Molyneux guy after my ex-BF got really depressed from trying to be constantly rational and act as if he didn&#39;t need love and support ever, but was an island. He was a very loving guy and he turned into a different person.<br /><br />I&#39;m an atheist and lost my faith a few years ago, very much against my will. My parents and entire family are devout and we are still all close. Cultic behavior and damage can happen in any belief system and I just hope the family of this young man has comfort and never worries about where he went. Anonymousnoreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-7515274855900925482.post-70150667198889123882012-12-01T12:38:11.137-05:002012-12-01T12:38:11.137-05:00This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.Anonymousnoreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-7515274855900925482.post-13804646118959444772012-07-28T14:45:49.810-04:002012-07-28T14:45:49.810-04:00God give this family strength. Stefan Molyneux st...God give this family strength. Stefan Molyneux stole our son, our only child almost three years ago. All I can say is I don&#39;t know how much longer I can take it not having him in our lives.Anonymousnoreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-7515274855900925482.post-32721070979986951142012-07-07T12:23:41.013-04:002012-07-07T12:23:41.013-04:00This is a terrible tragedy. Would anyone be intere...This is a terrible tragedy. Would anyone be interested in any sort of legal action? Is any sort of legal action even possible? I would financially support in any way I could some sort of legal action.Anonymousnoreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-7515274855900925482.post-45065138117295446182012-07-05T03:51:53.599-04:002012-07-05T03:51:53.599-04:00We must all feel a huge sympathy with this young m...We must all feel a huge sympathy with this young man&#39;s parents. I only hope that Molyneux will realise how dangerous it is to isolate young people from their support networks. My child (for want of a better genderless word)defooed for a while and was very unhappy during that time. Strong support networks are important for most of us at all times in our lives, but during the transition from childhood to adulthood, which can take quite some time, people are especially vulnerable, and an on line forum would be hard pushed to replace most families and friends, however flawed.Anonymousnoreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-7515274855900925482.post-50372492675288609072012-06-28T16:42:18.185-04:002012-06-28T16:42:18.185-04:00Even worse are Atheists who carry on as if they ha...Even worse are Atheists who carry on as if they have a monopoly on scientific truth.Edmund Burkehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/14382918660870366357noreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-7515274855900925482.post-73210586049757679692012-06-28T16:40:46.072-04:002012-06-28T16:40:46.072-04:00The arithmetic involved in computing the probabili...The arithmetic involved in computing the probability that we came into existence by chance are so large that they can only be measured with clumsy assumptions and large computers. But even these primitive attempts to do so only demonstrate that a belief in &#39;chance creation&#39; (i.e. Atheism) is certainly as close to impossible as is a belief in a divine being. So don&#39;t kid yourself. Atheism is faith based. And that makes it very much like a religion.Edmund Burkehttp://www.blogger.com/profile/14382918660870366357noreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-7515274855900925482.post-79962190271376192722012-06-28T14:44:47.348-04:002012-06-28T14:44:47.348-04:00I&#39;m very sorry for your loss, it is truly a sa...I&#39;m very sorry for your loss, it is truly a sad story and I reality that Stefan and his wife are a poison. I understand you&#39;re a Christian and your faith keeps you strong, but I really wish you had found a way to tell this story without telling people that Atheism is &quot;bad&quot;...which oyu did by saying that it&#39;s empty and a dead end road. I&#39;m an Atheist, and I despise Stefan, proof that this is not about Atheism. Atheism is not self worship and it&#39;s not a religion. I am a Atheist, Humanist, there are other forms of Atheism, so your quick to judge definition is not very...Christian.<br /><br />That said, I have no doubt that this man and his wife brainwashed your son, and I am so sorry you have to endure this pain. My heart truly goes out to you.Anonymousnoreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-7515274855900925482.post-65018577936542569312012-06-28T01:14:29.223-04:002012-06-28T01:14:29.223-04:00When are you going to sue Stefan and his wife? If...When are you going to sue Stefan and his wife? If you are going to sue how can I donate for legal costs?Anonymousnoreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-7515274855900925482.post-53283370957888120102012-06-25T23:07:48.888-04:002012-06-25T23:07:48.888-04:00I am sorry for your loss. My son DEFOO&#39;d and ...I am sorry for your loss. My son DEFOO&#39;d and then went through a phase where he made suicidal statements online. He is currently in Thailand but continues to be estranged from his family. I can only hope that in time, you may heal and be able to find some way to ease the pain.Anonymousnoreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-7515274855900925482.post-81933063084751327312012-06-22T15:01:45.277-04:002012-06-22T15:01:45.277-04:00Your account of your son&#39;s final days is most ...Your account of your son&#39;s final days is most certainly disturbing in the extreme.<br />I hope any information you have that would prove culpability has been made available to the proper authorities.<br />I hope that the authorities will act accordingly if your statements can be substantiaited.<br />I hope that you and your family will find peace in your hearts.<br />May your God be with you all. This must have been very dificult for you to post.<br />Regards from a well wisher.Anonymousnoreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-7515274855900925482.post-10852558102760609782012-06-21T16:46:02.571-04:002012-06-21T16:46:02.571-04:00Oh this is the saddest thing. I hardly know what t...Oh this is the saddest thing. I hardly know what to say. Thank you to this brave parent for taking the trouble to warn others. I too am a parent who has &#39;lost&#39; a child to Molyneux. This situation is my unspoken fear. Isolation is a dreadful, dreadful thing. I am an atheist myself so religion has little bearing in our case - just the &#39;all parents are evil&#39; message. Please - anyone who has cut themselves off from their family who is reading this, think again. They love you and will welcome you back with open arms and no recriminations. You are their World, it is never too late or too hopeless.Anonymousnoreply@blogger.comtag:blogger.com,1999:blog-7515274855900925482.post-39766993732309181372012-06-21T16:40:54.984-04:002012-06-21T16:40:54.984-04:00I am so sorry about your loss, Its time to rally s...I am so sorry about your loss, Its time to rally support - are you ready?? We are! Contact Edmund he will know what you mean. Just tell him you saw the post from the LIONESS!!Anonymousnoreply@blogger.com