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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Not hanging with people who want you dead.

I still get an occasional comment along the lines of "I have listened to Moly for X period of time and I have never heard him recommend leaving your family/friends....just a blog .... blah blah.   Well here is a nice example of him doing exactly that.  The intensity of belief in his personal brand of the 'truth' makes it clear that he is serious when he holds forth that anyone who disagrees with you wants you DEAD.

There is a moderator breaking in on occasion to point out the intellectual vacuousness of Moly's logic.  Still, Moly drives on and passionately sustains the position that you are morally bankrupt if you remain associated with  anyone who disagrees with you. Why?  Because they want to KILL YOU.

Reminder to those who doubt the cult nature of Free Domain Radio:  Making it a moral imperative to break with your family and friends in order to be truly FREE is right out of cult leader handbook.

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