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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Molyneux as a Narcissist.

Someone sent me a great podcast of the time when Moly is about to make the big move to leave his job in I.T. and go full time into Internet philosophy.  Christina is a big part of FDR's founding and ongoing operations.  She participates in 'Ask a Therapist' call in shows.  Moly says she advises him on matters psychological.  And she does an occasional joint podcasts with Moly.  But in this podcast she is resisting the idea of being a participant in the new 'full time' FDR.  I can't imagine why Moly made this private discussion with his wife public, but he did.  As Christina lays out here position that she simply did not want to participate in FDR, I had to listen in amazement at Moly's reaction.    I am paraphrasing here.  Feel free to listen to the podcast yourself if you want the complete details (FDR 724).

Moly pointed out that Christina's reluctance was a problem for his new full time endeavor. Why?  According to Moly, there would only be two reasons for her none participation.  Either "you do not believe in my efforts, which would undermine my credibility."   OR "You lack the courage to put herself out there  If that were the case, since self esteem marries equal self esteem, that would mean, (remember I am paraphrasing) I married a low self esteem person and my credibility would be shot."   I guess that since he already knew Christina's reasons, there was no reason for her to give her own.  She really should not have to give him any reasons.  IT is her free choice.  Still Moly is browbeating her and ultimately reduces the discussuion to how it makes him look.  Reminds me of the joke about the narcissist in a conversation with a long lost acquaintance.  He says, "I have been talking about myself for an hour.  How about you?  What do you think of me?"   

Anyone in a mature relationship can see the meta story behind this sort of husband/wife vignette.


  1. She never really did all that much in the podcasts in the first place. Portraying it as some kind of withdrawal doesn't seem to make much sense.

    And you said she publicly "lashed out" against her parents. Could someone please show me where this happened?

  2. Her 'withdrawal' from participation and Moly's desire that she NOT withdraw is the primary subject of the podcast. Pretty sure the specific podcast is FDR724.

    I am not familiar with how much Christina had or does particpate. I only listened to Moly when I was involved with FDR. I do know that she is the professed brains behind the 'family is the root of all evil' mantra at FDR. As to

  3. I have listened to several hours of Molyneux's obsessive 'brain-drain' rants and picked up on his own issues projected through these, I thought it was me at first and then I realised his past-the difficult mother the absent father and agressive spouse. I think he has become a self fulfilling profesy of obsessive self-hatred.

    His argument about the above would be that I am not willing to accept the truth - the truth is that which suits him and not fact.

    A dangerous seducer and fantasist- fertile minds beware!

  4. Christina Molyneux used her married name when she registered her domain name:

    Domain name:

    Registrant Contact:
    Meadowvale Psychotherapy
    Christina Molyneux ()

  5. I stand corrected on this. Thanks for the feedback. I will take this post down shortly.

  6. Can this podcast be found anywhere these days? He took it down.

  7. I heard 724 was still available. These podcasts were downloaded by at least a couple of 'intersted parties' before Moly pulled them from the site. If you go to the FDR forum and ask where they missing podcasts are, you will likely be banned. the timing of eliminating all Christina podcasts seemed to coincide with the complaint by the Ontario Board of Psychologists against Christina. The podcasts are in a safe place. I have the original mp3 file of podcast 724, but I don't know how to post it. Sorry.

  8. I met a Moly-follower in real-life after knowing him only online & one of the first things he asked me was "So, now that you've seen me in person, what do you think of the hair?" (Meaning his own hair.) I am not even kidding, this really actually happened.

  9. Stefan does seem wierd, but I'm still listening. I am an adult. I can do this!

    1. I think he is boring and monotonous.

  10. Can someone upload 724 and any other missing podcasts they have to youtube, or any other place?

  11. Molyneux is an obvious narcissist;

    - In his early podcasts he sometimes referenced his aristocratic family background, birth in Ireland and "family estate in Ireland". This is inconsistent with promoting his childhood poverty and indicates his motivation & ambition to be successful, even if this means being apart of the Govt system he criticises. Why doesn't he talk up his peasant family connections that rebelled & rioted against an unjust Govt (if there were any)?
    - In his podcasts, typical of all narcissists, he has often referred to himself in self-aggrandising manner; eg. as an alpha male, the MOST successful philosophy show EVER, the MOST downloads, ......
    - Also typical of all narcissists, to his own admission he seeks celebrity status, he is boastful, he loves excessive attention, praise & compliments, he is very charming and good at giving the fake sympathy comments to his abused listeners.
    - He rarely discusses narcissism and psyhopathy in any depth; This is extremely strange as these two things are at the very core of all hierarchies and Govt systems that he criticises so much. Then consider that narcissists may know that they are narcissists, but are extremely bad at discussing their condition. My guess is that he avoids this area on purpose because he is a narcissist.
    - His talk shows and arguments are extremely repetitive; especially on the political arguments. He shows little ability to "go off script". Again, typical of a narcissist.
    - He did a presentation to a big crowd in Amsterdam in spring 2014, at a technology conference. It was the most dumbed down presentation about money and bitcoin I have ever seen. But he spent a lot of time talking about it in a self aggrandising manner - "look at me, I'm famous". Which is a joke, as anyone at seniority in every multinational are forced to do these kinds of presentations frequently every year.