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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Christina Papadopoulos - Guilty of Misconduct

Well this has been a long time coming.  The College of Psychologists of Ontario has finally faced the obvious truth that Christina Papadopoulos guilty of professional misconduct.  Here is the article from the Toronto Globe and Mail.   
Some excerpts and my thoughts (in bold):
Excerpt:  In another podcast, the couple discussed a listener who wrote a letter describing how he cut ties with his family and rerouted his mother’s daily e-mailed pleas titled “We love you” into his junk mail folder. “She’s trying to push your buttons. She’s trying to appeal to your guilt,” Ms. Papadopoulos said. “The best thing to do under those circumstances is just not to engage. …The moment you respond back, she knows she’s got you.”            -  Wow.  That is some serious professional therapist advice.  The callers mother is reaching out to offer her love and Christina acts like a teenager advising her BFF over how to handle her latest rival.  "That will teach her to make fun of your outfit.  Just ignore her.  If you call her out, she will get the upper hand. "  

At Tuesday’s hearing, Mr. Osborne said, the perception of Ms. Papadopoulos’s objectivity was compromised because her husband’s website solicits donations.   -  Ya Think?  
Ms. Papadopoulos didn't speak at the hearing, except to enter her plea. In the statement of facts, she said “she was, with the benefit of hindsight, naive about the use and possible misuse of information distributed via the Internet.”  
                       -  Isn't that special.  Poor me.  I'm naive:  The woman was actively presenting herself as a licensed therapist and  trying to get people to break with their families in a most horribly cruel way. And she succeeded.  But she asks that she be excused due to naivety.  What about the victims?  If Christina had the capacity for a normal amount of shame, she would commit herself to trying to undo the damage she has caused.  Here are some concrete things she could do.  How about her own podcast on FDR disavowing their outrageous family belief.  Apologizing.  How about persuading her deeply deranged husband to get over his beliefs and do the same sort of podcast.  How about reaching out to all those who have deFoo'ed and counsel them to  seek out their parents, family and friends.  To seek out reconciliation.  If Christina did that, perhaps she would find redemption in her own heart.  If she did that, I would be inclined to forgive her as well.  


  1. I am the parent who took the case against Christina to CPO. I had help from friends, but needed to see that through. I miss my daughter so very much

  2. ^Wow, good for you parent. That took a lot of courage. I think Christina learned her lesson, big time. Stefan however, has not. He's going to be very sorry when his ways finally cause his entire world to come crashing down. He shouldn't have done these things to others. He will know what consequences for unethical behavior are & it will be a hard fall for him.

  3. I wonder how it will go for him when his daughter DeFoo's him. I mean I just listened to a podcast that said not to expect more from your children.