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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Mr. Szimhart offers another comment

Joe Szimhart was kind enough to post a comment to add some more insight. I am 'promoting' the comment to its own post. Thank you Joe for taking the time to add your considerable knowledge to the discussion. Here is the comment:

To follow up on the post and my observations I want to add a couple of observations.

Freedom appears to be a chief attraction of the Molyneux/FDR gospel. In and of it self 'freedom' [aka liberty] provides powerful triggers for the human psyche.
"...give me liberty or give me death"
"Know the truth and the truth shall make thee free."
We can all hear Mel Gibson in 'Braveheart' shouting FREEDOM with his last breath.

Any number of socailly acceptable religions and controversial cults and therapies offer ultimate freedom as bait for following the philosophy and/or techniques offered.

Scientology calls their path the Bridge to Total Freedom.
Eastern based sects that upload from the Sanatanadharma tout 'moksha' as the ultimate goal; moksha=freedom/liberation of the Atman or 'Self' from samsara or endless rounds of reincarnation.

Gnostic sects for the past 1900+ years have succeeded with a harsh or radical dualism or an 'us/them' philosophy to attract clients. Gnosis means enlightened rejection of the impure and acceptance of the pneumatic [spiritually superior] way of life. iow, the Gnostic is freed from the confines of the fallen material world.

An atheist or materialist monist who accepts Molyneux's world view might reject all notions of the metaphysical or mystical thus rejecting what Gnostics believe but this does not preclude that one can be the mirror of the other. Self-purification rituals of the Gnostic have uncanny parallels to the Molyneux approach to self-analysis and what appears to be therapy for 'deFOOing'. Gnostics tended to avoid the crowd so as not to be contaminated by hylic or pedestrian ideas and behaviors once the Gnostic gained 'gnosis' or enlightenment. This avoidance is more psychological than physical---one polices one's thoughts and emotions when around non-believers. (Think of a staunch Limbaugh dittohead 'freely' wandering around a hippie commune or surrounded by 50 Ted Kennedys--or vice versa).

Once defooed the FDR/Molyneux devotee appears to avoid 'contamination' by avoiding family or anyone who might criticize the new-found gnosis.
No one is literally trapped in a cage or chained to a leader here! It is all in thy head.

Do people have a right under the Constitution to behave this way? Of course.

People have a right to believe in Reverend Moon and his Unification Church also--one of the common sayings among the Moonies has been 'Satan works through the ones you love.'

Demonizing parents is one of the oldest techniques used by controversial sect leaders.

Any number of sects use this simple suggestion to keep members from contact with family and old friends who are not recruitable.

The question here is, is it worth it to remain devoted?

Good question.

July 29, 2009 3:45 PM

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  1. These people do not seem to notice that they are simply trading one master (the state, the parents, or whatever) for another (Molyneux).