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Saturday, July 25, 2009

A letter to her friends

Here is an email sent by a college age lady. I got a copy from Ralph (the same friend at the Philadelphia event). It is his niece who sent it. My wife and I have never met this young lady. But upon hearing about Molly from her uncle, she took on the duty to warn her friends. Maybe 50 names on here distribution list. Maybe it will move at internet speed to other young adults. If so, we are succeeding. Here is the text of her email.

Morning, everyone - I know that this is (possibly) surprising, to get an e-mail on some day other than Sunday, and/or without pictures, but I felt this was important to share with you all. The more people who know, are aware, and understand the damage that this is doing, the better. All I ask of you is to read this and the links that I'll attach - or not. I won't judge.

This week, I was told about the existence of Freedomain Radio (FDR) and Stefan Molyneux - the leader of a growing cult movement that has torn apart families all across the country. The basic principle of Molyneux's "teachings" is that the children of our country and of my generation especially have been "abused" and "emotionally restrained" by our parents and families - by giving us rules, by raising us to be decent human beings and not letting us run rampant, we have been "stunted" in our ability to show "true emotion". Any sort of punishment, restriction, or guideline that helped us get past our teen years can be linked directly any unhappiness or frustration we have ever felt, ever. Whoever tells us otherwise is "narcissistic", "sadist", and enjoys "feeding off of our pain." Molyneux promises that, if we join him, thus leaving our families completely behind, isolating ourselves from everyone who loves and cares about us, completely cutting them all off... we can find our "true emotions", become "enlightened", and finally - happy with others in our situation. True happiness - for a $50.00 monthly "donation"..

... Finding out about the above made me both physically angry and ill. Coming from a gigantic family that loves me, cares about me, and has done everything in its power to not only help me become a decent person, but to realize that I'll always have them if and when I need them... I can't understand how this sort of monstrosity can exist. Good kids with amazing parents are leaving without notice and buying into this garbage, and it's literally tearing families apart. Molyneux, with his abilities to take insecurities and weave them into viable lies, has been doing this for years - and the damage is catastrophic when it hits home.

Thank you for reading this. I'm not asking you do anything, but I hope that you'll read through at least part of the blog and watch the video... if it makes you as angry and sick as it did me, then spread the word. The more people who know about this, the better. No family deserves to feel that kind of pain - to watch their child walk away without a single glance back, merely due to one man's poison and lies.


  1. As a parent who lost a child to the "DeFOO" I appreciate your post. Stefan and his wife are evil people. Thank you.

  2. How brave of this young woman. Those aware of the existence of this cult should follow Dani's courageous example by coming forward to warn their friends, families, and acquaintances about the danger that is in our midst.

  3. I agree with the above comments. The public must be warned about this menace.