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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Justice is served

Justice is served when those who willfully hurt others are punished for their acts.  When I started this blog, parents routinely contacted me looking for help.  It has been months since that has happened.  And where before, it was hard to find an example of a defoo victim returning, parents are now telling me their children are re-connecting.  I think this worm has turned.  I think Moly is now completely cowed by bad publicity over the defoo thing.  I also think because of that, very few now take him even a little bit seriously as a source for libertarian thought anymore.  His under educated wife is now officially and properly identified by her profession’s licensing body as having engaged in “professional misconduct” related to her unethical counseling during a freedomainradio call-in show.  A web search on Christina Papadopoulos (or Christina Molyneux) would turn up a therapist who is weak willed, naive  over matched, and a devoted follower of her cult leader husband.  It will show that she is guilty of professional misconduct.  It will show that she has counseled people she did not know via an internet call-in show sponsored by her husband. And that she advised those people to cruelly break with their families with no warning and no opportunity for communications or counseling.  I have to think that the Molyneux family business is suffering.  In short:  Justice is being served.  

So what now?  After justice is served, redemption often follows.  If Moly publicly and convincingly disavows his idiotic, simpleton and destructive family views, that would be a good start.  If he successfully seeks out each and every one of his defoo followers; then gets each and every one to return home with a true conviction in their hearts to find reconciliation with their parents and loved ones, then I will declare victory and take this site down.  

I won't hold my breath on this.  Still.  It has to be burdensome to Moly's mental health to know that he has been engaging in such morally reprehensible and damaging behavior for so long.  Doing the right thing could be a good thing for his general mental healthI bet redemption would lift a large burden from his heart.  A burden that he doesn't even know exists.  Until then, he can work on getting used to the new normal.    


  1. My adult son chose to got the "Freedomain" way and has not talked to me for three years. What does this do to a mother I think about my son every night. I miss him terribly. I worry about him. I wonder if he is alive or dead. He arranged for any of my emails to go to his spam. My son does not understand, or is unwilling to understand, that his behaviour is cruel. He may think he has gained his "freedom", but freedom from what, his mother's love. I still love him and always will. Now he is a slave to Stefen's evil philosophy. Hopefully, my son will wake up and hopefully it won't be too late. Neither of us is getting any younger.

  2. This comment does encapsulate the range of parental sadness that is Stephen Molyneux and Christina Papadopoulos. It also points out the loss that our children are going through. Time is passing. The are also living without the love, the company and the support of their family. It is their loss as much as ours.

  3. Great site, but I think the best way to get the word out is through YouTube. Also, encourage deFOO victims to speak out. This will ruin Molyneux's reputation and possibly shut him down. I've been sending messages to voluntaryists encouraging them to disconnect from Molyneux and publicly denounce him.