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Thursday, October 1, 2009

The essence of the Molyneux Con

As a refresher for new visitors. First of all please read the post: "Free Domain Radio - How it works"

The first and most important part of the con is gaining confidence. That is how the confidence game works. You have to get the MARK to have confidence in you. You do this by putting forth a resaonable proposition. You appeal to their better nature. Then, once the MARK has confidence, they grant the con artist access to their trust. Once that happens, it is largely over. Molyneux's con starts by contending that he always recommends counseling and open communications with parents and family members. This Seems reasonable, but like all cons, it is simply not the reality. The reality is that Moly knows that open communications are the end of the line for him. If that actually happens, families will very likely stay together. Of course families staying together means fewer donators for Moly. For an indepth discussion of and emprical proof that Moly has zero interest in open communication, visit

It is an outstanding piece that puts the lie Moly's congention that he promotes open communication. Moly only uses the bromide of open communication to set up the con.

Here is some more proof of Moly's true intentions. Let's start with the nature of the so called defoo. A Defoo is different from the occasional, young adult ‘get me out of here’ break up. Even those breaks are usually done after a lot of 'communicating.'

A defoo is a Molyneux invention that is based on one truism and one perversion. The truism: Adult relationships, including family relationships, are voluntary. The Perversion: Molyneux is on the record here: "Deep down I do not believe that there are any really good parents out there - the same way that I do not believe there were any really good doctors in the 10th century." . With this belief system, abandoning your family is a necessary step in achieving true freedom.

The key component of the defoo that Molyneux goes to great lengths to hide and obfuscate is this. A defoo is to be done without any notice (his site has recommended wording for the note, or discussion so you can lie to your parents about why you are leaving so they won't come looking for you). Once done, there is to be absolutely no opportunity for any further communication. You are to move if you can, change cell phone and email, and do all you can to avoid all communications. It is the exact opposite of what any real therapist would recommend. And at the risk of making the obvious point, persuading someone to separate from the family and friends is also the first criteria for identifying a cult.

Now Moly is good at this. Like a slippery politician, he knows he needs to maintain one public position while working another. His true nature really comes to the fore in the chat rooms and podcasts and on his call in shows. It is here where he cajoles, persuades and otherwise manipulates any and all discussions in the direction of a defoo. Or by inference the continuation of a defoo.

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  1. When one of Molyneux's latest victims talked about his defoo, Molyneux responded:

    "It is always interesting to me to hear about the great support that people taking a break from families always get from their therapists - I cannot think of a single instance where a therapist has opposed or rejected such a step."

    Again, that sinister, slippery language to support a lie. Of course there's nothing wrong with taking a break from your family--we ALL take breaks from our families!

    But that's not what he's talking about. He wants a painful, brutal separation in which any attempt at communication--no matter how loving--from one's family is considered a "FOO attack."

    Why in nearly 1,500 podcasts do we see NO PODCASTS about "Re-joining Your Family After The Break"?! Because a defoo isn't taking a break--it's supposed to be forever. Complete separation from everyone (friends, too, because they're also corrupt) forever.

    He said he hasn't found a single instance of a psychologist who doesn't support "taking a break"? Well, I've had absolutely no problems finding psychologists who believe he's practicing amateur therapy with very destructive results. He is one crafty bastard.