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Monday, November 29, 2010

Some success in thwarting FDR

Small update on things.  There has been some good sucess at warning and explaining FDR to those who are interested.  Since the site went up, most posts have requested privacy.  Naturally I have honored those requests.  There are two general categories.  Unfortunately there are posts from someone who has lost a family member or friend.  In those cases, they end up with a better understanding of what happened.  There are also an increasing number of posts from people who are well warned.  Once they view fdr through the prism of understanding, it is obvious that the major theme is not philosophy.  These people see what Molyneux and his wife are doing.  Most just move one.  Others allow themselves the chance to enjoy the site (Moly is occasionally entertaining) without getting lost in the deeply immature and disturbing parent hating culture that is FDR.   

I am also getting some posts recently from people who see things without the benefit of Molyneux Revealed.  They are bored or perplexed by the chat rooms and the constant harping by all the members as to every conceivable perceived afront to their individuality, emotional well being, etc. during their childhood.  These folks then do a search and find this site and let me know they agree.  Maybe Moly is losing his mojo.  Let's hope so.


  1. Hi,

    I'm a fellow who was just getting involved, found your work among others, and then we corresponded. I told you I'd put "cult deprogramming" on my to-do list.

    Well, thank you so much!

    I'm sorry, of course, to hear about how Molyneux caused you to be estranged from your son (by the way, if he and you are Objectivists, I recently became aware of the work of David Kelley at the Atlas Society, and I think his idea of Objectivism being an "open system of thought" is much healthier and, well, more objective; he also recommends against Ayn Rand's tendency to denounce everyone and anyone as "evil" or "immoral" with only the sparsest information ... and leave those words to only when they truly apply).

    Interestingly, my brush with Stefan Molyneux and his eloquence, had a destabilizing effect on my beliefs (as one would expect when you get involved, however briefly, with a cult leader, then mentally breaking free). But that may have been a good thing for me.

    I questioned fundamental assumptions in many areas of my life, and feel I have a better grasp of what I believe, and why, and where the limitations of my knowledge are than ever before. This wasn't an immediate process. There was a definite trough before the recovery of full independence and increased realism, which tends towards the path of producing greater effectiveness.

    I reiterate it was the process of rejecting Molyneux's cult-like beliefs that precipitated this. I don't recommend willfully coming into engagement with emotionally seductive cult leaders as the normal path to life improvement.

  2. Just wanted to say Thank you for the effort you've put into this sight. Stefan is definitely a brilliant speaker and I admit to finding him very entertaining. Fortunately though, it didn't take much time for me to see the destructive nature of this man, and his site. I'm 50 and able to recognize this sort of evil manipulation, but I agree that he could do some real harm with those more vulnerable. Hopefully people will post here and elsewhere on the net to give some crucial counterbalance. I do wonder if this is a man with a concept he truly in his heart believes in, yet doesn't recognize how manipulative he is... or is he a psychopath who's found a way to make money? It's one or the other so either way...thank you! I strongly encourage others to post their thoughts here.