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Monday, January 3, 2011

So why doesn't eveyone do it?

I got an interesting post from an anonymous poster that offers a point that is worth addressing.
Question from the poster: If this this is such a lucrative business plan, then why are they the only ones doing it? Like with any other marketing tactic, surely others would have caught on to this by now. Why aren't there any Stefan Molyneux Jr.'s running around making hundreds philosophy podcasts and telling young men to ditch their families while simultaneously reaching into their wallets? I'm not siding with anyone here. I'm just asking a simple question. If this really is his "money making system" as you described it, then why hasn't anyone else started doing it?

My Answer: The FDR spin on things is their own, but the protocols, methods and techniques are identical to all thought reform efforts throughout the ages. There are hundreds (more likely thousands) of well documented examples of the use of these techniques to obtain power and money. Compared to the really big successes in thought reform, Moly isn't really very good at it. His message is effective when it strikes home, but it doesn't scale. I am fine with believing the Moly tripped into this situation. And now he is as stuck as his followers.
When I had my interview with him, (before I knew the real nature of FDR), I asked him the very question posed here. At the time, I was happy my son was involved with Moly and the ideas he was putting forward. I wondered to Stef, if he could ‘franchise’ his message through others so FDR would grow and prosper. I remember feeling a little bit creeped out by his response. He said it really wasn't something someone else could do. Please take a moment to consider Moly’s response. If FDR is about the grand ideas of freedom and the elimination of the state, then it isn’t that hard to develop acolytes to carry on the mission. Of course FDR is NOT about freedom and philosophy. The stateless society promoted by FDR is just the hook to get the recruiting process in place for new donors.

There is another reason why others don’t do it. There are lots of ways to make money that don’t trade on despair and sadness. It takes a special type of person (like Moly and Christina) to talk themselves into believing that ‘ditching your parents’ is a good way to make a living.

P.S.  I allow anonymous posting so those afflicted by Molyneux and his wife can keep their identities protected. They are going through enough and they have good reasons to be cautious. I am more than willing to accommodate their desire for anonymity. I almost always reject anonymous posts from moly followers.  They just can't seem to make a reasonable point.  Or they do make one, but it is laced with profanity or sophomoric personal attacks.   

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  1. Thanks for answering my question. You're doing good work here. There's two sides to every coin and you're exposing the hidden side to this one. Keep it up.