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Friday, February 3, 2012

Molyneux and Feminists

As someone who is in constant state of awe whenever I reflect on the nature of women (especially my bride), it has often occurred to me that Feminism is a natural place for libertarian sentiment to flourish.  I say that because at its core, Libertarianism is about freedom of the individual without prior restraint or government restrictions or societal bias.   It always seemed to me that this could easily be consistent with the best parts of Feminist goals and objectives.  It turns out there is an organization that believes this as well.  It is the Association of Libertarian Feminists.  It seems that Moly has put out a podcast that is entitled something like, "Feminism is Socialism in Panties."   With a such simpleton title (not to mention insulting) it is no wonder that Moly followed on with an equally simpleton analysis on the subject.  The aforementioned association has posted an open letter in response.  It is here.  I think you can sign the open letter.

If you are a woman and a fan of freedomainradio, I would not presume to offer advice.  You make the call on the nature of Molyneux and his level of respect for women.  If you are a man, who likes women, and has had occasion to interact with  freedomainradio in any way, I am glad to offer some advice.  Destroy all evidence on your computer, smart phone, laptop, tablet that you have ever visited the site or had any correspondence with FDR or Molyneux.  Un-friend him on Facebook.  Delete his twitter account.  Clear out your cache and browsing history.  Once you have done this avoid the subject of FDR and Stefan Molyneux at all costs.  But...If the subject of Molyneux comes up in a social situation get in front of it right way.  Stand up before anyone has a chance to remember that you used to listen to Moly . Say the following in a clear and strong voice while making pointed eye contact with every woman in the room:  "I denounce the depravity and wanton pandering stupidity of this foolish and sad man called Stefan Molyneux."


  1. LOL the statement at the end was kind of funny. BTW I actually agree with first wave feminists (you probably are this if you are a libertarian)that argued that property rights between the sexes (not genders) needed to be equal and have disagreed with everything that they have done afterwards as it has been petitioning government for privileges. Technically we are both in disagreement of his argument for the same logical fallacy I suppose. I'm actually an MRA (men's rights advocate) sympathizer that got sucked into Stephan's crazy roller crapper and managed to walk away before defooing occurred.

    I should point out to you though that in the interview with Girlwriteswhat (who is a feminist in disguise of an MRA [weak attempts at citing evolutionary psychology studies with fallacies that could be traced back to original sources on feminist blogs]) he suddenly says he supports feminisim about 1 1/2 years later taking the opposite side (SHOCKER). This is because Stephan is paid different amounts for binging people on his show one amount to lose the arguement but get your message out ($$$$) and one to win the arguement and get a clear message out ($$$$$). Karen (GWW) paid a very, very handsome sum to Stephan as she got mostly outright talk time on his show. She uses a similar tactic to create "moron" MRAs to make us look bad and sabotage the movement. This is a lot like the amount that Stephan is being paid ($$$$$$$) to distract and destroy the libertarian party with his psychobabble hysteria, along with fellow nut jobs like Peter Schiff and Alex Jones. Of course I can't say for sure that Stephan could pay millions but, how much did Adam Kokesh and all the time on Adam V the Man cost? What about all the other media stations he appears on CNN, MSNBC, ect. Those walk-ons aren't cheap, neither is buying out the libertarian party.

    Regardless of what you think of the anti-feminist video, it's a video of the moment. Just something for him to hit more google activity to get more followers, nothing more. At any rate don't think this activity is out of every movement if it's in movements like the MRA which dates back to the 80's (infiltrated early on with MGTOW philosophy, later with PUA, GWW and now with Stephan and his insanity machine). It was surely present as early as say Andrea Dwarkins, has omnipresent media recruiters (Naomi Wolfe) and still has an equivalent of Molyneux that sends children down a lonely path of self destruction, Code Pink (ever notice that a lot of their members change their names and then 2 years later are killed in the middle east).

    I think Molyneux is a threat though that it is better putting such personal interpretive threat issues aside and focusing on the true threat that he creates to the free will of the youth of the world and the potential harm that his philosophy can cause to anyone who comes within 2 miles of a FDR listener, not to mention the listener itself. If not that objectively focus on the damage that he does to libertarian-ism by presenting himself as a false messiah to the libertarian heard. Molyneux is not a man, he is a monster, a soul stealing incubus from Hell. That's where he is leading the libertarian party by influencing their youth, Hell.

  2. Some interesting claims. Any proof?