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Friday, April 2, 2010

Has Molyneux changed?

Read above post. The answer looks to be NO. But feel free to read this to look and wonder at the never ending inconsistency and duplicity that is Stefan Molyneux.

To date, the most annoying aspect of Molyneux is his duplicity. Publicly he insists that that he promotes understanding and attempts at reconciliation to resolve family upset. Privately he pursues well crafted techniques to encourage family upset and then promote sudden and cruel breaks (the Molyneux invention called a defoo). The proof of this in his own words and publications has been well delivered on this and other sites.

This may be changing. Molyneux's child is over a year old now. Maybe fatherhood is finally affecting Molyneux. Is he noticing that he loves his daughter for no reason other than he is her father? Maybe he is realizing that the love a parent has for a child (adult or otherwise) isn't remotely voluntary. Or maybe it is more mundane. Maybe parenthood is causing him to realize that he is being way to hard on parents. No matter the reason, it is an encouraging development. Who knows? We may be seeing the beginning of the end of the damage, pain and suffering for his followers and their families and friends. Here is what happened.

There was a recent call in podcast. A teenager was issuing the normal complaints. My parents are religious. They don't get it and won't listen to me. etc. Now this is grist for the Molyneux mill. He usually takes off on the standard rant regarding parental corruption and abuse. But this time he did something extraordinary. He actually advised the caller to try and understand their parents. (One caveat here: Molyneux has used this "learn about your parents thinking and be empathetic" as a ruse to get the potential donator to learn the hopelessness of his parents corruption, and then of course the need to rid yourself of that corruption via the defoo).

Even with this caveat, this discussion seemed more heartfelt. He actually seemed to show some empathy. Molyneux gave very sound advice. Keep in mind that Molyneux is a virulent atheist. One of his most cherished principles of parental corruption is that teaching a child about god is the unarguable definition of abuse. He really never has wavered on that premise. But in this interchange, he offered that since heaven and hell were big factors in the Christian view of life, the parents had a legitimate interest in persuading their child to believe. It is not that the caller should accept their beliefs, but he should understand that their views were based in love and a desire for their son to find the better way forward. For those of us who know his message best, it really requires a moment or two for that comment to sink in. The caller said he had a new perspective and would keep that in mind the next time he engaged his parents.

WOW!!! Way to go Stefan.

Now here is the test. Most of your donators (i.e. Philosopher King, Gold, Silver and other) have defoo'ed. Most of them did not get the same advice you gave the above mentioned caller. Those donators followed your prescriptions for sudden breaks without warning. They followed your advice and crushed their parents out of the blue and continued to follow your advice that there be zero communications or even an attempt at therapy after the defoo.

If you believe what you said to that caller, how about suggesting that those who have broken without that advice to give their family members and friends another try. Find a therapist you trust. Make an attempt to find your way back. If it still doesn't work out, at least you made the effort.

This post has been up for a while and this has not happened. I guess that donation stream is a big part of your life style.

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