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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Beginning to think Moly is a futurist determinist

What do you mean you don't know what a futurist determinist is?  OK. I made it up, but it seems to apply.  Determinism is the subject that cannot be named on the FDR boards.  Moly denies that determinism exists because it is contrary to free will.  So he simply bans any discussion of a very real line of philosophy in his web site dedicated to philosophy.  It seems, however that Moly gladly engages in flights of enormous fantasy of a deterministic future.  He gets himself into an almost trance like state when he sequences the events that will lead to the anarcho-capitalist-DRO world, the fall of the state, and his other FDR machinations.  I observed him doing it in Philadelphia when he really went off the edge. He laid out a fantasy sequence of how the U.S. Constitution in 1787 lead to the Nazi Holocaust in WWII.  He refuses to consider that his daughter might decide some day, of her own free will, to discover any sort of non-FDR approved way of living.  Impossible says Moly.  That will not occur because my parenting will preclude her free will from deciding to engage in unsupported thinking.  Ladies and gentlemen.  That is pure determinism. 

The latest example is from the musician tirade.  I noticed that later in the Tiger Mom podcast, Moly declares that the child will never be creative in her music because the mother was so mean to her in the teaching of it.  He contends theTiger Mom squashed out the child's individuality, blah blah. 
That might turn out to be true.  I would not have been so tough on my kids over a piaono piece.  But it surely is not a certainty.  At least not if you truly believe in free will.  Only a determinist could be so sure of how the child's future will unfold.  Remember the child became over joyed when she finally figured out how to play the piece.  She played it over and over and got rave applause at the recital the next day.   In a free will world, this sequence of events could be the seminal moments for a great musical career.  Only a  futurest determinist could be certain that this would not occur.  Did you notice how I got to use 'futurest determinist' again? 

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  1. I think the "futurist determinist" position you outline is actually a straw man of the determinist position, which FDR uses in place of the real thing. A true determinist wouldn't say that we are capable of determining what inputs during childhood will lead to what outcomes later in life. Nor would they say that any particular experience in childhood is bound to lead to a particular outcome in adulthood. Humans are way too complex for that. The determinist position simply says that the state of the world at time t+1 is caused entirely by the state of the world at time t. Whether or not humans have the ability predict future states, or to fully map out causal chains in retrospect, is immaterial to the position.

    So it's actually even more amusing than it appears at first glance: Stefan makes up a position that no one actually holds, and argues vociferously against it, all the while advocating that same position in other podcasts. Perhaps he should listen to his own arguments. :P